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The First World War(1914-1918)



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the first world war 1914-1918

Competition between countries

Industrial Revolution and new inventions lead to severe competitions among European countries. Spanning centuries of rivalry among European countries with regard to capturing markets and the resources of the innumerable countries of the world including India. The agreements arrived at this process served to keep alive the boundary dispute of many countries. This shook the balance of power equations between strong European countries.

Preparation of war

Every strong Nations indulge in extreme militarization. Many alliance pacts were formed. Extreme nationalism begin to develop in some countries. Imperialist tendencies strengthened. The first world war divided the countries into two groups. Britain, France and Russia formed the Triple Entity pact whereas Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy entered into Triple Alliance pact. Within a short while, Italy joined the rival groups.

Reason for First World War

The first world war took place between 1914-1918. The immediate reason for the war was the assassination of the Austrian Prince, Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28th July. This incident created a rift between Australia and Serbia.

Beginning of war

In beginning, America was neutral. Russia was against Germany. By the time war ended, the picture had changed. America joined Britain and France. In November 1917, a Socialist Revolution took place which prompted Russia to arrive at a ceasefire agreement with Germany and withdraw from the war. Germany, which had been severely battered by the attacks of Triple Entente countries, accepted defeat and stopped fighting.

Causes for First World War

In 1919, the Alliance signed a humiliating Versailles treaty. Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Kingdom lost their identity. Germany lost most of it area. the map of Europe changed drastically. Many small independent nation came into existence. With the intention of preventing wars in the future League of Nation was established.

Beginning of Second World War

Among the defeated countries, feeling of shame and humiliation gave rise to aggressive nationalism. The compensation for the loss in war and other decisions that were heaped on Germany affected the people. Unemployment, poverty and slump in the development lead to widespread dissatisfaction which was exploited by German industrialist for their own profit. This atmosphere enabled the growth of Dictator like Hitler who caused the Second World War.

Ruin of life in First World War

In the First World Was, approximately 1,00,00,000 people including soldiers and civilians of both the parties lost their lives. 2,00,00,000 people were injured and 35,00,000 people were permanently disabled. As in any war, even the first world war was fought for the profit and greed of some people. Immense suffering and loss of lives resulted.

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